ON MY TURNTABLE 16.08.2019 – 07.09.2019

Link Wray – Link Wray LP

Jim Ford – Big Mouth USA LP

The Lewis Express – Clap Your Hands LP

Jim Ford – Harlan County LP

Jim Sullivan – UFO LP

The Shack – Waterpistol LP

Jim Ford – The Unissued Capitol Album LP

Santana – Welcome LP

Leon Thomas – Spirits Known and Unknown LP

Santana – Marathon LP

Saunders Garcia Kahn Vitt – Live at Keystone Vol. 1 LP

Santana – Caravanserai LP

Leon Thomas – Blues and the Soulful Truth LP

Leon Thomas – Gold Sunrise on Magic Mountain LP

Paul Weller – At the BBC 3LPs

Santana – First LP

Traffic – John Barleycon must Die LP

Paul Weller – Days of Speed 2LPs

Traffic – Mr. Fantasy LP

Santana – 3 LP

Santana – Amigos LP

Lonnie Smith – Turning Point LP

Santana – Abraxas LP

Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles – Live! LP

Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin –  Love Devotion Surrender LP

Neil Young – Dreamin‘ Man Live 92 LP

Ill Considered – 8 LP

Paul Weller – Fly on the Wall 2LPs

Traffic – Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory LP

Paul Weller – Live Wood 2LPs

Small Faces- Singles A + B Sides LP

Small Faces – First LP

Paul Weller – Catch a Flame 2LPs + 7“

Dire Straits – The Honky Tonk Demos 2×7“

Wire – Pink Flag LP

XTC – English Settlement 2LPs

Wire – Chairs Missing LP

Neil Young – Unplugged LP

Neil Young – Sleeps with Angels LP

XTC – Drums and Wires LP

XTC – Black Sea LP

Resonators – Imaginary People LP

Caitlin Rose – The Stand-In LP

Caitlin Rose – Own Side Now LP

Caitlin Rose – Dead Flowers 10“

Len Price 3 – Pictures

Jim Jones Revue – Jim Jones Revue LP

V.A. – King Bullard Version LP

The Daytonians – Let Jesus Work It Out LP

Horsebeach – The Unforgiving Current LP

Saucy Horn – Barrio Joyride 12“ EP

DJ Yoda – Homecooking LP

Andy Bassford – The Harder They Strum LP

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